9 New Blog Niche Ideas For You To Make Money In 2021

9 New Blog Niche Ideas For You To Make Money In 2021

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To make good money from your blog, you need to write in a good niche. And if you are starting a new blog in 2021, you might face difficulties doing that. Are you stuck deciding niche for your blog? Check out these 9 New Blog Niche Ideas I have shared in this blog post. These are new ideas. And not many bloggers are using these right now. You can try to put honest efforts in your blog to produce helpful articles. You will be able to make good money in 2021.

What Is A Niche? (9 New Blog Niche Ideas)

A niche is a category for your blog in which you publish your content. For example technology, art, money and finance are some of the most popular niches. But these niches have too much competition and that’s why I am writing this article for you guys.

Why You Need These 9 New Blog Niche Ideas?

These 9 New Blog Niche Ideas will help you speed up process of deciding about your blog niche. You will have an informative and profitable blog. This way, you will provide real value for your audience and good money for yourself.

Let’s check out these great blog niche ideas for 2021.

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1. Work From Home Tips Blog

With the current situation every one is working from home. People are finding it difficult to balance between office and home. If you know how to create a perfect work life balance for yourself, you can start a blog about it. Giving tips on this new normal.

Firstly, write a post, on how to work on your bed to help people maintaining the productivity. For office hours even if there are distractions at their homes. It helpful if they can have some ideas on how to create a small office in their living room.

In this kind of blog, you can give furniture recommendations and scheduling tips. A great post idea can be about managing office time with kids. Parents who are now working from home will find it helpful. They will praise you for this kind of helpful content.

2. Home Appliances Repairing Tutorials Blog

People don’t want to call an electrician whenever they have a fused bulb or non functioning power switch. In other words they want to learn such tasks themselves. And If you are someone who knows how to work around electricity, you may find this blog niche ideas interesting. Make sure that your provide correct information so people don’t get hurt when working on a appliance.

Such detailed tutorial post will be ever green for your blog because such process do not change in every 2-3 years. You can even find work through your blog if you are professional electrician of someone who wants to make a career out of it.

3. Graphic Design Blog For Small Businesses

Small businesses, often run by young entrepreneurs are low on budget. They don’t want to spent money on every task to promote their business. Graphic design an essential part of social media promotion for small business owners and many of them are not professional designers. If you are a person who knows graphic design or can do research about it, you can start a blog in this niche.

Start with articles about online graphic design tools and how to use them. In addition you can do affiliate marketing for those tools, Therefore monetizing your blog further. Moreover, you can create a affordable graphic design course for your subscribers and you make good money by doing so.

If you feels that you are not yet ready to create a course yourself, you can do affiliate marketing for online learning platforms that sells graphic design courses.

4. Home Recycling Ideas Blog

People around the globe are worried for environment. As a result, they want to contribute however they can. If you a person who have same thoughts and if you know about recycling, you can start a blog about recycling things at home. For example, you can write about using old plastic jars to make containers or using tires to make everlasting furniture. Recycling can be done with anything and if you know how to do it, you can share that knowledge with the world.

If you do not know recycling yourself, you can write articles about community recycling drives and event to spread awareness about the issue. You can write articles about the benefits of recycling and this kind of information you can find after a little research online.

5. Home Agriculture Tips Blog

If you know about growing vegetables yourself at home, you can share this knowledge with the world in your blog. People are now aware of the harmful chemicals used in farming and consequently, they want to grow their own food.

You can write articles about tools and methods used in home farming. For example, how to make wormy compost at home or may be how to grow potatoes in your backyard, so and so forth.

6. Space Tech Blog

Space exploration is still in its newborn state and many young minds are attracted towards it. Though, spaces agencies like NASA and ESA have their presence on social media, still there is a lack of people having discussion on the topic. If you are a science lover and have a interest in space tech, you may consider this as a blog idea. However, you will have to do much research before producing any content.

In the coming future there will be many private players in the space tech like SpaceX and you having established a blog about it might give an edge.

7. Easy Side Business Ideas Blog

Everyone wants to make extra money while doing their day jobs and for that, they need new side hustle ideas. If you help people with side business ideas that can make money, you may find people moving towards your blog.

Not every side hustle will work in every country so you can make your blog categories country specific. And because of that, you will attract traffic from around the globe. Furthermore, you can create an online course to teach people how to make more money doing these small businesses.

Another idea is to create a post on how to make a side hustle a full time business. Money making ideas are always higher in search volume on the internet and that’s why this blog niche idea is one of the best for your new blog.

8. Small Business Ideas Niche

Don’t confuse this niche with the above category because here I am writing about small scale business. Dairy, Mushroom Farming, Bicycle Renting Business, for instances.

These kind of small business ideas can be helpful for those people who don’t have much money from the start. You can start your blog with this niche and share your small business ides with your audience. Write articles on separate business ideas explaining the same in detail.

Start your blog in the other languages so that people who are not comfortable in English. People living in small cities will be benefitted from these ideas.

9. Online Learning Blog Niche

Because of the current situation, schools are closed and many children are moving towards online education. Not just children, many professionals are also looking for flexible online learning platforms. If you are interested in online learning yourself and can do research for the same, you can create a blog based on this niche.

In this type of blog, you can review online learning platforms and tools. By doing that, you will be able to do affiliate marketing as well.

This blog idea comes under the umbrella of tech blogs and consequently, you will be able to use high ranking keywords in your articles.

To Sum Up This Article (9 New Blog Niche Ideas)

When creating a blog, you need to consider the competition. Test these blog niches if you have interest and you will have a blog that has less competition and more money making capacity.

Many of these ideas have potential to make good money from affiliate marketing as well. I will be updating this post in the future as well if I find more new blog niche ideas.

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Best of luck!

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