how to start a blog WordPress in 2021: Step By Step Guide

how to start a blog WordPress in 2021: Step By Step Guide

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Blogging is a popular way to earn some serious money online. You can make millions of dollars if you use and grow your blog the right way. If you want to start a WordPress blog in 2021, keep reading. A WordPress blog is a self-hosted website to share unique and informative articles on the internet. Using WordPress hosting for your blog is best if you want to have total control over your website.

In this detailed article, I am going to share a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog WordPress in 2021. Follow the below mention steps and your blog will be ready in no time.

Step 1. Choose Your Niche to Start A WordPress Blog

If you are starting a blog then you must think about your niche at the very beginning. Basically, a niche is a field about which you will write in your blog. Some popular niches are Tech, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty. You can choose one of these or something totally different depending on your preference. Here is the five-point formula that can help you choose a perfect niche for your blog.

A. Know Your Skills And Interests

Think about what skills you have and what interests you the most. Why? because you will be writing, a lot. Having and running a blog is tiresome sometimes and if your niche doesn’t excite you, you will have a hard time creating new content. Also, you will be doing research also, so make sure you have at least some skills according to the niche you decide to write about. If you know about the topic, The writing part will be easier for you. So decide your niche according to your skills and interests.

B. How Profitable The Niche Will Be

Let’s face it! All of us want to make money from our blogs and websites. So, think about the profit also. How much money the advertisers will be paying if their ads are published on your blog? Or how much money you can make by affiliate marketing by your blog posts. Some niche will attract more money than others. Some highly profitable niches are tech, beauty and fashion. Think about the size of the target audience and market from your preferred niche.

C. Narrow Down A Bit

If I decide to write about technology, this will be a broad area to explore without any focus audience. You must find sub-niches inside your niche, so when you make content for your audience, you will not be confused about the different audience groups. a sub-niche in the tech category cab be mobiles, gaming consoles and e-vehicles. In the beauty segment, you can write about nail art, hair care and so on.

D. Evaluate The Competition

Competition is in industry and that’s why you need to think about it crucially. Knowing the battleground is never a waste of time. Just google the top 100 blogs in the same niche and read them. If you cant read them all, at least check out their websites to have an idea of the content they are putting out there.

E. Test The Selected Niche

If you are not sure about one niche, you can always test more than one. Just remember, do not create content for more than 2-3 niches at one time. And if you do find a niche that is interesting and you can write about it even if you are not making any money, go for it.

Step 2. Choose Your Domain Name

once you finalize your niche, now it’s time to choose a domain name for your blog. A domain name is basically the web address where your blog will be located. Choosing the right domain can be exhausting especially when every good one seems to be taken already. The domain name should indicate the niche you have chosen and it must carry potential high-ranking keywords as well. In fact, some of the popular blogs in a niche would use the same keywords in order to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing.

There are a few points you should keep in mind before finalizing a domain for your blog.

  • Keep it short and memorable.
  • Do not use numbers in your domain, as they are hard to remember.
  • Avoid any special characters like ‘-‘ or ‘_’.
  • Try to find a domain that is universally relatable and not culturally inappropriate.
  • Write it down in its full form and look if there is anything wrong with it when you look it in the search bar. Example ‘www.yourdomain.tld’

If you are having difficulty finding a high-ranking and available domain name, you can use Namelix for this purpose. This website can generate unlimited brand names for you and it will even let you register that name. (Start A WordPress Blog)

Apart from the domain name, another important part of your web address is the TLD. A TLD is an extension like .com, .in or .uk, which comes right after the main domain name. Try to acquire .com if you can for a particular domain but if you can’t then you might choose others from the popular lists.

Step 3. Choose Your Web Hosting Provider

If you want to start a WordPress Blog in 2021 and make money online, you need a good web hosting provider. Web hosting providers are the companies who provide your website with a place to store all the databases and files. That place is called a server. A server is another computer with vast storage capacity to store millions of website from around the globe. These servers must also have fast processing power and memory so that your blog website can load faster and hence improving user experience. And that is why choosing the right hosting provider is an important and crucial task if you are serious about your blog.

Your hosting provider will take care of everything you need to kick start your blog in no time. My prefered hosting provider is because I am using it personally for my blog. comes with many helpful services. For example, Domain Registration, WordPress Hosting, Free SSL certificates, professional email, security against cyber attacks and technical support in case anything went out of your hands.

Hostiner WordPress Hosting (How To Start A Blog WordPress)

Step 4. WordPress Installation and Theme Selection to Start A WordPress Blog

After registering a domain and purchasing hosting for your blog, all you need to do is install WordPress and select an eye-catchy theme. WordPress installation is a one-click process for most hosting providers. There is a bit of a learning curve if you have never worked on a WordPress dashboard but can get it easily.

WordPress Dashboard

There are plenty of online tutorials available for WordPress and there is nothing you can not do with your WordPress blog. For themes, there is WordPress’ own library available. You can choose from popular themes like Astra and Ocean WP from that database of themes. Many themes come with free demo content and templates so you can edit the elements and have a feel of what your blog will look like.

Step 5. Creating SEO Optimized Content

Let’s make it clear! This is the most important step in all of the above. Because if you don’t deliver valuable content for your visitors, they will not convert into subscribers. And we all know that subscribers are the life of any blog website and in order to have and retain subscribers, you need to create awesome, unique and valuable content.

Start A WordPress Blog (SEO plugin)
Yoast SEO

Make sure your articles are from the same niche and they are well optimized according to the best SEO practices. There are many plugins available in WordPress for this purpose like Yoast SEO which I personally use for my blog.

Once you create some articles for your blog, you can apply for Google AdSense and start earning money from your blog.

So, now you know that how easy is to create a WordPress blog in 2021. You can do it and you should do it right now!

If you have any questions, regarding this process, let me know in the comment sections and do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming helpful articles like this one.

Best of luck!

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